Health care delivery and how it is paid for has evolved significantly over the past few years and that will continue to do so at an escalating pace.  The attributes of Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) provided the foundation for what we now know as Accountable Care, population health and value-based contracting.  Furthermore the PCMH movement created a strong understanding that primary care needed to change and healthcare delivery in general must transform.

As healthcare delivery has evolved, all too often conversations start with cost of care rather than the quality of care.  High quality healthcare is care delivered at the right time in the right place by the right provider.  This simple premise will put the focus on the patient and the care received and if, done correctly, the impact on cost will be positive.

Care Accountability, Inc. was founded for two reasons: First and foremost to focus the conversation on patient care.  Specifically who receives the care, who provides the care, where the care is provided and how that care is paid for.  Second, to advise and support healthcare providers to insure that care drives the cost of care and not the other way around.

Care Accountability is the accountability for the total care of a patient.  Accountable care is the care that can be "accounted for" in the quality and cost arenas to drive reimbursement.

The ultimate success factor for care being truly accountable is engagement of those receiving the care and those providing the care.  Care Accountability, Inc. brings unique skills to engage patients and providers in ways that are meaningful and effective allowing patients and providers to truly collaborate.  The key to success is truly putting care before the accounting ®.

Terry McGeeney, MD, MBA

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                                             Meet Dr. McGeeney, MD, MBA,  

Dr. Terry McGeeney, President of Care Accountability, Inc. and visiting scholar with Brookings Institution, combines thirty plus years of experience as a board-certified family physician with a solid and proven understanding of the fundamentals of business management, organization, and operations of health facility systems ranging from solo practices to large institutional systems.  Dr. McGeeney spent more than a decade in rural solo medical practice, providing the full spectrum of family medicine including obstetrics and extensive emergency room experience before joining a large multi-specialty group for fifteen years.  

McFarland Clinic, PC, central Iowa’s largest physician owned multi-specialty group, is comprised of over 200 physicians serving more than 900,000 patients in 24 communities across Iowa.  He helped to expand the network of services provided and served as assistant medical director and eventually medial director at McFarland.Dr. McGeeney is the founder and former President/Chief Executive Officer of TransforMED, where he pioneered the development of physician practice and organizational models for Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH).  In this capacity, he helped over 8,000 medical practices across the US and demonstrated the value of the PCMH model of care in reducing costs and improving quality of patient care.

Dr. McGeeney has served as a Director with BDC Advisors.  His academic experience has earned him a Bachelor of Arts from Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas and Doctorate of Medicine from University of Kansas School of Medicine.  He received a Masters of Business Administration from University of Colorado and was an assistant professor in Family Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  He held an appointment asvisiting scholar for the Brookings Institution from 2012 to 2015.